Hi , I am Moe an Ivorian living in Toronto

I am an IT Manager living in Toronto, originally from a french country in West Africa called Ivory Coast.
I am jack all of trades in my daily routine at work but I have a secret goal of becoming so proficient as a React full stack developer that i could bring to life all the ideas i have to improve the lives of people in Africa.
I believe Javascript can help,

    • nations and cities for a better gouvernance (smart cities),
    • more transparency and fair justice
    • develop mobile payments for more financial inclusion
    • educating more people to have more ressources to go even further

I should probably higher people to develop apps for me but I want to be part of this and I want to do this for the rest of my life.

Thank you


Hey Moe :wave: I think helping and lifting up others is an amazing goal for this work that we do. I believe you are right.

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Thank you Joel, you are a model.

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