Hi from DC! React, React Native, and GraphQL contractor

Been working with the “Facebook stack” since Relay was in public beta, and it’s been very good to me. Also a huge fan of Hasura and the entire Zeit.co ecosystem.

Always open for a chat over coffee!


Nice, I do remember seeing React as a beta many years ago, but at that time I thought I wasn’t a good fit for learning React. Now I regret that! But it’s never too late.

How do you feel working professionally with graphQL? We do a lot of React and Redux where I work, but unfortunately, no signs of GraphQL (API is all Ruby/Rails and the Backend is huge with a lot to work on, so we probably won’t be adopting it).

We’ve got a solid graphql api that we use for building egghead. It site on top of our Postgres via a Ruby gem called GraphQL Pro. It’s great.

I also love GraphQL is the context of Gatsby.

Lately I’ve seen tools like FaunaDB popping up in conversation with native GraphQL support :heart_eyes: