Hi eggheads!

Hi, I’m Thomas. :wave:
I’ve been getting paid to make computers dance ever since 1995, and for the last several years I’ve been doing software development and DevOps work. I was bored this last Easter so I started making a mobile app card game for fun, using Flutter…and that has kinda taken off and still consumes a lot of my spare time, even though the game isn’t working yet, and I haven’t released anything to anyone.: :joy: Still, it’s fun learning this stuff, so I’ll be at it for as long as I still enjoy it.
In the daytime I’m a full-time software engineer working for tietoEVRY in the Azure and .NET space. I joined Egghead to up my frontend foo, or chi or whatevery you wanna call it, particularly focusing on React and even Flutter for Web, if/when that takes hold… :slight_smile:
I’m a friendly guy, so just say hello and we can get to know a little more about each other… :slight_smile:


Hello, Thomas and welcome. I am happy to see as many newcomers as possible as I believe that Joel & Co are doing a great job making Egghead a popular platform. You are far from being the oldest, here as I am involved with programming for pay since 1973 :joy:

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Haha, good to hear! I believe we can still bring a lot to the table, don’t you? :wink:

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