Hi all, I'm Zoran

Hi all! I am Zoran and I am a web developer, more focused on backend. But I am here to learn more frontend tools. Currently, I am working in PHP, but like to switch to JavaScript, especially React, NodeJs.
I like to learn new things. Currently, I am learning React and experimenting with the best way to take notes and best technics to learn new topics.
I am glad that I am part of this great community.


Welcome, Zoran! I’m a Web Dev too but with a focus on frontend. If you need any help with JavaScript or React definitely let me know. you can find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/thisismahmoud_

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Hey Zoran! Welcome to egghead community! This is the best place to learn React so you’re in a good company!

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Hiya Zoran!

Welcome to the community :smiley: I’ve been learning and working with React for the past 18 months. Let me know if you need any help :+1:

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Hi Zoran!! Glad to have you! I’m really really passionate about note taking and I’ve done lots of research on the best learning tactics. So I’d be happy to help if you ever need!

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Welcome Zoran!

Hi Mahmoud, thank you very much for your offer to help I will when I start to struggle with more complicated topics.

Hi Tomasz, thank you very much. Yes I agree with you :slight_smile:

Hello Eva, thank you so much, yes I will let you know if I have someone problem understanding React.

Hi Ceora, thank you very much. I want to talk about your note-taking system. I am right now trying to implement some and stick to it. I always change tools/apps for taking notes, but I think I need to come up with some system that works for me, maybe you can help me with that.

Thank you Dominik.