Hi all. I'm Peter

So I’d probably best describe myself as a “former programmer” getting back into it after a long time, probably more as a hobby (or perhaps more accurately to support other hobbies) than a profession.

My hobby (possibly a future gig, not sure yet) is machine Stenography. I’m using open source hardware and open source steno software (plover) to learn.

So how does programming come in? Well many ways, here are a few…

  1. Of course as open source software I may be able to contribute either on the main line or in creating add-ins. I have a couple in mind. It’s a Python project, so that will be one language.
  2. There is a lot of need for manipulating text strings of many kind to create or process dictionaries or practice files. Lot’s of languages could be used of course, but lately I’ve been using Javascript for that as the practice utilities I’m using mostly use javascript!
  3. I may need to make my own website, and I’d definitely like to do some blogging (about my hobbies and other things) so looking forward to using something like perhaps Gatsby

I live in Connecticut, but I’m hoping to move around a bit! Want to help me out? Totally tell me if you live someplace not too expensive, but with an awesome urban community! I need to plan my travels!

And oh, if any of you hit that open source steno page and think OMG I really want to do that - by all means give me a shout. It’s a lovely little community and a pretty interesting hobby (for some I guess!). There are definitely a decent number of programmers in the community, but it attracts lots of folks from many different walks of life and the community is quite global.

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If you get a chance, once things open up: plan some time for https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFSQPaLHhmx44bmgpHoF4RQ/playlists (this is the talks that were recorded the past few years) - it’s a fun time, and lots of very good people.

HOWEVER! After having a friend from that area drive out to see me - there is quite the change of traffic and attitude out here. Just be warned: plus being over a mile above sea level may mess with your body.

Welcome, Peter. I’m Marvelous. I’m a front-end developer, currently focused on React. Nice to meet you.