Hi all, I'm Cristina, a Cartographer from Romania 🗺️

Hi all, I’m Cristina. I’ve worked as a Geographic Information System analyst, then as a Perl back-end developer, and now I’m going freelance and trying to mix the best of both worlds. I love 3D maps, GIS, animations and dataviz.

What’s your current stack?
I’ve digged into JavaScript and haven’t decided yet on a framework, for now I’m trying Svelte. For the back-end I’ve used Perl and Oracle/MySQL, in the future I will probably use Node.js and PostgreSQL or Spatialite.

Where do you live?
I live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

What are you learning right now?
I’m trying to catch up with today’s front-end technologies and best practices, so I’m trying to understand a bit of all and use a framework, too.
I’m also learning Python for Data Science and GIS automation, DevOps so I can manage my servers, Web Design for beautiful pages. :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s your current side project?
I intend to do a scroll-driven map, to highlight the results of a GIS project on Yosemite Climbing Walls.

What is my ideal stack?
I guess I’ll find out, from the helpful resources and this wonderful community. :wink:


Hi Cristina!

I didn’t know what a “scroll-driven map” and I found this on google:

"‘Scroll Map’ is a tool that is used by online marketers to carefully analyze how website visitors scroll through their websites. It helps visualize the behavior of site visitors on different pages of the website.

Simply put, it displays or provides a visual representation of areas that site visitors spent most of their time viewing and how they scroll the site. It provides marketers the average site viewing time & number of views for different parts of the web page."

From what I understand, you want to build a sort of “heat map” of climbing walls in Yosemite.

Is that correct?

Hi, sorry, I’ve used the wrong expression. Probably the right words would be ‘scroll driven map navigation’ or ‘story maps’. :slightly_smiling_face:

I already have the maps and charts, I just want to ‘narrate’ a story about the project and fly from a location to another, or from a zoom to another on scroll.
I haven’t decided yet, but probably I will use only images for now, and maybe a svg for the path.

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Thanks for such quick reply
Your project sounds amazing.

Thanks for the links!

No problem, thanks for the tip.

I would love to see any progress you make on your side project! That sounds super cool.

Sure, I will share my findings. I’ll just have to make some time to start it. :slightly_smiling_face: