Hi All! I'm Andy

Hi All,

I’m Andy. I’ve been a software developer for 24 years. I started out writing C++ for Windows but got hooked on Java in 98 and switched from a desktop developer to a server-side developer. My curiosity led me to work on everything from the DB to the UI. The last five years have been exclusively focused on UI development for an SPA built on Backbone, which I’m migrating to React.

I try to work on pretty much everything that I can and learn as much of the subject as possible.

Looking forward to learning from all of you! I hope to add to the conversation too.



Hello Andy,

Welcome to egghead community, I am also focusing on learning React so if I can somehow help you please free to write.

Hi @andy, welcome! :wave: 24 years, amazing!

That’s an impressive run! Do you think changing your focus has helped keep you engaged?

I think, for me, as long as I’m learning new things I’m pretty happy. It’s when I’m doing the same thing that I tend to start feeling itchy.

Welcome Andy :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,

Focusing on different areas of the app stack has definitely kept it interesting. But so has the evolution from one technology to the next on each layer of the stack. Like going from servlets to JSP to JSF to dynamic server faces/ajax4jsf to hybrid SSR/ajax apps to SPA and then the frameworks like JQuery and Backbone to React/Angular/Vue has really kept it interesting. There were also the transitions on the server side for the Java stacks like structs, tapestry, JSF, and rest API endpoints. Transaction schemes like straight EJB and Spring Beans using straight JDBC and Hibernate/JPA. There really is no end to the things you can learn and specialize in. There’s always some aspect of the stack that is evolving and I’ve only used the front end and java-based backends as examples.

I know what you mean about getting itchy. Supporting a single app for a several years can get boring unless your company is adding some snazzy features and then sharing those features across the dev team to keep everyone engaged.

Nice to meet you Kevin!

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