Hi all, I am Ali from Canada

Hi :smiley:, I am Ali, I am a self taught full-stack developer working at IT consulting company Punchcard Systems, where we build platforms that transform how people live and work.

What’s your current stack?
React + TypeScript on the front-end, C# .Net Core (ServiceStack) on the back-end, with MS SQL Server as the DB.

Where do you live?
I live in Edmonton, Canada.

What are you learning right now?
I am learning a lot of things, and dedicate most of my time doing so. I am learning Haskell (and Elm) to learn Functional programming (which I am a huge fan of), I am learning to test my applications both on the front-end and the back. I am learning git, algos and DSs, computer science topic like computer networks and web design. In short, I am learning everything I can to turn myself into the best developer in the world (aiming for the stars here).

What’s your current side project?
I am making a simple animated credit card with React + TS, while honing my testing skills on it. I am also working on a full stack voting app which uses Elm on the front-end, and .Net Core on the server.

What is my ideal stack?
FP languages like Elm/Reason on the front, FP languages like Haskell/F#/Elixir on the server.

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Hello! Wasn’t anticipating running into a fellow .NET developer so soon! :slight_smile: :wave:

How are you finding Haskell and Elm compared to .NET?

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