Hi All! Attila here :) Work - life balance fan

Hi dear mates I am Attila Csanyi, living in Hungary. I am working fully remotely and working as an Angular (>= v8) Developer for more than 2 years now. Sooner I was full stack in London and backend for almost 10 years. I was happy to move to the fast fronted space as its more fun to see what I am building :slight_smile:

Beside my work I travel a lot as I can be productive while also discovering the world. Last but not least work is my hobby and I also training on a daily bases calisthenics, gym, home workouts or just find a tree + elastic band and I am ready to go.

Just curious is there somebody to live the same balanced flexible life? Do not hesitate to ping me anytime. Woman also welcome :smiley:

Have a lovely day everybody,

Cheers, Attila