Heya people :D

Oi everyone! I am Pachi (or Pati if you know Portuguese), she/her .:sunglasses:

I am a Brazilian girl living in the mighty state of New Jersey in the USA.

So I work part-time at a day care, and the rest of the time I teach myself how to code and how to be a good programmer (when I am not interacting with the tech community on Twitter).
I am a shy introvert that loves the internet because it helps me to reach out people without having to actually face them, so please be my friend!

HTML & CSS are my playground, JavaScript is what I am forever learning. I also got started learning React, but I got a job opportunity in a company that uses lots of AngularJS and Bootstrap so I am focusing on learning that now.

I am also a new Learning advocate here at EggHead yey!!! Super excited about that.

Last but not least, I also write at Dev.to almost every week because they have the one of the best online communities and lots of good stuff to read there!



Hey Pachi!

I’m excited for you to join us!

What do you think Dev.to does to facilitate community well? Anything we all could implement here to make our community more rewarding?

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Hi Ian, happy to be here! :smile:
One of the things that makes Dev special and I can already see here, is the participation of the Dev.to on most of the discussions, yes they are part of the staff but they are approachable and friendly.

Being a welcoming and inclusive community, in my opinion, are key elements to me. And so far, I can see it here. Just have to bring more ladies in lol:joy:


Hey Pachi!!!

Welcome to the community!

Yes you have a ton of post and really really good discussion topics on your dev.to!

Do you plan on writing about learning Angular and Bootstrap?

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Thank you Will! I am always posting there and plan to do the same here :joy:

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about writing about what I am now learning! I have been too busy :astonished::sweat_smile: thank you for the question!
I will totally write about bootstrap and maybe AngularJS once I get more familiar with. But since Bootstrap is closer to what I already knt I shall start with that!!

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