Heya from the Netherlands

Say hello to the community. Tell us what you do, where you’re from, what your favorite stack is, and where you hang out on the internet. Let’s get to know one another.

Hello, egghead community! :raising_hand_woman: I’m a back-end software developer trying to learn what front-end development is all about. As in: I’m hoping to switch over. But don’t hold your breath (if you were so inclined); I’m horribly slow at almost everything I do :smile: I did recently (finally) learn some CSS, and it was actually pretty exciting :grin: I’m from near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I misread “stack” as “snack”, so I was excited to share my favorite snack with you. Alas, it says “stack”, so I guess I will have to go with MySql, Node.js, React and React Native. Or maybe PostgreSQL. And maybe C# on .NET Core. Actually maybe I don’t have a favorite stack :thinking: Or maybe I just don’t know what constitutes a “stack”. Regardless, I’m not overly convinced about Angular yet :grimacing:

I don’t really hang out on the internet… I guess I’m too old :grin:

Also I’m not very creative with introductions, as you can tell, but then, too many years as a back-end developer probably has knocked all the creative out of me :wink: I’m hoping this will correct itself as I start doing more and more creative things with front-end, design and so on :grinning:

Really cool to be here! :sunglasses:

I almost forgot the most important thing… here’s a picture of my dog staring into the distance :wink: