Hey there. It's Robert from Portland, OR

I just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I’ve been a “professional” for the last 10 years or so, though I started coding personal websites way back in junior high (so many years ago now…). I weaved my way back in to development after some stints as a designer and technical illustrator. I’ve been loving it ever since. Every day is a little puzzle. Sometimes that puzzle deserves a flipped table… but it’s always interesting.

I’ve developed in quite a few different working environments: agency, companies large and small, remotely and in office, and with teams of all sizes. Almost all of them were some flavor of ecommerce.

My passion is front-end, but my last role with Nike gave me a chance to build up an application from scratch and bone up on terraforms and serverless architecture.

I’m hoping to get to know a community of like-minded nerds and maybe make some strong connections.

Hi everyone!

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Hey Robert. I live just outside the Salem area and am constantly getting messages from recruiters trying to pull me over to Nike. Lol.

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Yeah they are pretty aggressive. I moved from Seattle 3’ish years ago. As soon as I changed my linkedin location, I had 3 separate recruiters hounding me from them.