Hey there, I'm Hugh from Toronto

Creative Technologist currently working in a research space called the Catalyst at Ryerson University. I am the manager of the CoLab there. I help post-grad (Masters and PHD students) with their technology requirements in an effort to assist in creating more accurate estimates for their funding applications. Typically this happens through rapid prototyping and technical research.

I co-host a creativity podcast called Can’t Sell This. We’ve been running it for a little over a year and have 30+ episodes live.

I run a networking event in Toronto for marketing and advertising professionals called First Next Step. It’s an elevator pitch format and I’m interested in expanding into new cities with it.

My focus with Egghead (slow though it is) will be to create courses on micro-controllers; Arduino, Particle, Raspberry Pi with various forms of input and output; LEDs, sensors, switches, OLED displays, motors.


Hugh! It’s great to see you here. I really look forward to learning more from you. Your creative use of microcontrollers is inspiring.