Hey there, eggheads!

Hi there,

I’m Dustin and I’m new here.
I’ve been a professional developer for a few years now, after taking my time at university. :sweat_smile:
I’ve been through different programming languages like Java, C++ or even Assembler (ugh!) (not very in depth, though). Since I started to getting paid to code, I’m specializing in JavaScript/Typescript, doing Fullstack Work. Currently I’m trying to get comfortable with everything related to NodeJS and React.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Greetings from :de:

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Hey, Dustin - I triggered on "even Assembler (Ugh!), because I started computer programming in Assembler eons ago, and spent many years doing that. Probably because of this, I still like it a lot, despite not having any opportunity to use it. There is no doubt that programming in assembler requires a great deal of planning and “walking very cautiously” - and because of that you can debug your own code very easily.

Welcome to Egghead.

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Thanks Nik!
Didn’t mean to trigger you :wink:.

I have the utmost respect for programmers who enjoy Assembler. I just had a real hard time doing the easiest things with it.
You do have a point, though!