Hey! I'm Slawek, a software engineer from Poland 🇵🇱

Hi! :wave: I’m Slawek Mazur. I’m a Software Engineer freelancing here and there. For the last few years, I’ve been specialising in the back end space. I used to work as a PHP/Magento dev.

What’s your current stack?

Java/Groovy/Kotlin/JVM - whatever framework client needs, meaning defaulting to Spring 99.9% cases. micronaut occasionally.

What are you learning right now?

React JS and Native, JS in general TS. I have few years of experience with JS but I’d like to concretise and organise that knowledge

What are you working on?

Large e-commerce multi-tenant Europe born marketplace.

What’s your current side project?

Fintech, science.

Where do you live?

Born in Poland, lived in Germany for couple a years, now back in Wroclaw, Poland.

Share a picture of your favourite pet!

Don’t own one.


Hi @mazursllawek welcome to the community! One of our instructors @tlakomy90 is from Poland as well!

What resources are you using to learn React and TS?

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Hey @Will nice to meet you. Only two fellows from Poland :wink:
With regard to resource, well it’s youtube mostly, pluralsight, I’ve started reading this book lately Essential TypeScript From Beginner to Pro and I hope to learn all of the rest from egghead


Hi @mazursllawek it’s three, count me in :slight_smile:. I’m Sebastian from Opole so close by…
Egghead has some nice resources… haven’t dabbed my fingers in TS (yet), but there are I think 4 courses using TS (I think one is about using React with TS). Kent C. Dodds has great starter on React if you want to try it.



Feel free to ask any questions you might have, even in Polish :sweat_smile:

hejka :wave: