Hey! I'm Slawek, a software engineer from Poland 🇵🇱

Hi! :wave: I’m Slawek Mazur. I’m a Software Engineer freelancing here and there. For the last few years, I’ve been specialising in the back end space. I used to work as a PHP/Magento dev.

What’s your current stack?

Java/Groovy/Kotlin/JVM - whatever framework client needs, meaning defaulting to Spring 99.9% cases. micronaut occasionally.

What are you learning right now?

React JS and Native, JS in general TS. I have few years of experience with JS but I’d like to concretise and organise that knowledge

What are you working on?

Large e-commerce multi-tenant Europe born marketplace.

What’s your current side project?

Fintech, science.

Where do you live?

Born in Poland, lived in Germany for couple a years, now back in Wroclaw, Poland.

Share a picture of your favourite pet!

Don’t own one.


Hi @mazursllawek welcome to the community! One of our instructors @tlakomy90 is from Poland as well!

What resources are you using to learn React and TS?

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Hey @will nice to meet you. Only two fellows from Poland :wink:
With regard to resource, well it’s youtube mostly, pluralsight, I’ve started reading this book lately Essential TypeScript From Beginner to Pro and I hope to learn all of the rest from egghead


Hi @mazursllawek it’s three, count me in :slight_smile:. I’m Sebastian from Opole so close by…
Egghead has some nice resources… haven’t dabbed my fingers in TS (yet), but there are I think 4 courses using TS (I think one is about using React with TS). Kent C. Dodds has great starter on React if you want to try it.

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Feel free to ask any questions you might have, even in Polish :sweat_smile: