Hey, I'm Seb and I love adding little bits to the internet every day

Hi everyone, my name is Seb and I’m super excited to be a part of this community.

I currently work as a Junior Developer for loveandmoney.agency, a digital branding agency. I love adding little bits to the internet every day. Especially things with exciting or experimental designs.

I would love to chat with you about anything code or life. As I am still fairly fresh in the dev workforce I’d love to get some general career tips or specific coding advice for becoming a better dev.

Looking forward to chatting with you,

Seb :sunglasses:

P.S thanks to the egghead course on Gatsby I was able to create my portfolio site which showcases some of my work, feel free to check it out and leave me some feedback at seb.bailouni.com :heart:


Your portfolio is looking great!

I was curious what you’ve seen lately that was an exciting or experimental design? I love that stuff too!

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Thanks @joel!
One of my favourite things that exists on the web is this project: https://dddance.party/
It’s so wonderful and wacky. You’ll need a password for it, try: POGERS

Amazing portfolio and artwork ! Keep up ! Love the sleeping site !

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Thankyou! :heart: