Hey I'm Raph from Paris. I'm into Education & Tech (& cocktails 🍸)

Hello! I’m Raph from Paris, France.
I’m a self-taught developer, started with objective-C in early 2010’s, then gradually moved to web technologies. I now mostly do JS.

I love to learn technologies that will unlock new possibilities. I love that so much that a few years ago, I decided to jump on the other side, trying to share some of that tech knowledge.
I’m currently growing the Education team in the tech company I work for. We’re dedicated to help our users get the best of our solution through videos, demos, interactive tutorials, workshops etc…
Been lucky enough to share some of that knowledge a few months ago on Egghead and hope to share some more soon.

Outside tech, I love to mix/drink good cocktails, build stuff (without a computer), draw, spend time with my wife and kid.

In another life, my wife and I built a tool for mixing cocktails (MixStik) and… I published a couple of pretty unsuccessful graphic novels!


What’s your current favorite goto cocktail for a party?

I’m so here for the cocktail party :stuck_out_tongue: I discovered how easy it is to make your own simple syrup with different flavors. The most recent has been using bourbon barrel aged maple simple syrup. It goes wonderfully in an old fashioned :ok_hand:

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my go to drinks are classics sours with good ingredients: margarita or cosmo but lately I’ve enjoyed a more sophisticated one: basil, lemongrass sticks, muddled in gin, simple syrup and lemon juice. Don’t recall the name, it’s a creation from the Experimental cocktail club, I think it’s called Experimental something :sweat_smile:


I was born in Mendoza, which is Argentina’s major wine country.
Although our wines are very good, you guys have mind-blowing wines in France.

I started studying sommelierie but didn’t finish the 2nd year.

Has anyone here tried ethanol-driven-development? :laughing: