Hey, I'm Radhika, and I like Linux and the web

I’m one of the newer Egghead instructors. I made a lesson about setting up remote development in VS Code. I’m planning on making more courses along those lines of the intersection of web development and our Unix or Linux machines. My next course is going to be about ZSH!

Apart from that, I’m a Software Engineer at OpenTable. I live in Oakland, CA, and I play mandolin & read books every spare minute I can get.

Say hi here or on Twitter at @radhikamorabia. :rainbow:


It’s awesome to learn you play mandolin! I don’t really know any players outside of David Grisman (and even then it’s mostly his stuff with Jerry Garcia).

What style do you like to play? Do you have an album recommendations?

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These are such fancy questions, haha. I’m pretty new and am still in the phase where I just search up songs I like and try and learn how to play along. I’ve never taken formal lessons or been exposed to much mandolin outside of it just being an instrument in several bands I like.

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Learning to play an instrument in the YouTube era has got to be way more fun than taking lessons!

Here’s the album I’m most familiar with: David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, and Tony Rice’s Pizza Tapes.