Hey, I'm Ian. I work on egghead

I’ve started coding in College around the spring of 2014. I got a web development job at egghead out of college and have been in this position for 3 years. I’m currently doing Ruby on Rails and React with Graphql.

I’ve been learning about graph databases lately. They are wild :exploding_head:

This talk, specifically, blew my mind.

I’m always up for pairing on a problem or just chatting. Hip me up at ian@egghead.io or @_jonesian on Twitter.


Cool talk recommendation! I remember hearing about a columnar database for the first time and never even considering that a business could need something like it, but there are some crazy technologies out there.

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There are some awesome technologies out there. @chris Has been streaming FaunaDB lately which is another one of those technologies.

I made some notes from his eggheadio collection:

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Those notes are dope! Thanks for sharing them


Thanks for sharing, @ian.
Great material.

Off topic and may be subject for another thread:
I miss developing in Rails…
Did you use Stimulus at some point?

It’s pretty nice and just works most of the time :smile:

I’ve never heard of it. What is Stimulus?

Is this frontend js framework to sparkle some UI niceness in standard rails’ erb templates.

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Oh nice. We have a React On Rails set up for egghead.io. It runs a node server and talks with rails for SSR and everything. It’s wild :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I didn’t build it haha)

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