Hey, I'm Dave Ceddia 👋

Hey y’all, glad to join in on this new egghead community!

I’m an egghead instructor with one course (React Context for State Management) and a handful of one-off lessons. I’m also a full-time online teacher, mostly focused on front end and React at my blog.

I became a front end dev in 2014, starting with AngularJS, and moved into React in 2015. Prior to that I worked with jQuery & Spring MVC and a bunch of years with C/C++ building laser radar systems.

When I’m not coding or teaching I’m hanging out with my wife and our 3 cats, and shuffling between a constantly-shifting array of hobbies. Some music, some woodworking, some aviation, some cooking.


Dave has some great stuff on egghead, but check out:

It’s great.

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I’m working through Pure React right now. :+1: