Hey, I'm Balint from Budapest, Hungary


I’m Balint from Budapest, Hungary. I’ve been freelancing for about a decade now –with a 2 year pause in the middle working for a startup– and loving it. I did a lot of Rails earlier but about 5-6 years ago I learned Ember.js and was converted to a front-end developer and a very enthusiastic Ember consultant.

What’s your experience level?

I’m quite proficient in Ember, I’m even the author of the most popular Ember book, Rock and Roll with Ember.js. I’m also co-organizer of the European Ember conf, EmberFest.

What’s your current stack?

I use Ember on the front-end in my projects and if need be, I build Rails backends. I also like the idea of “automating” the back-end as much as possible.

What are you learning right now?

I love the idea of Svelte and started learning it a few months ago when I had some time on my hands. I got more and more interested in GraphQL and started diving into it just a few days ago. I’d like to learn more about them in 2020.

What are you working on/side projects?

I’m a chess enthusiast so my current side project is chess-related. It’s called Sac Sac Mate and it’s currently built in the latest edition of Ember, Octane. It also serves as a playground to try new things (for example, I just started using GraphQL with a Hasura backend for the queries).

Hope to learn from you and be able to contribute to topics I’m well-versed in.

All the best,


Hey @balint.erdi :wave: welcome! Glad to have you here.

Really cool to read about your initial book sale launch on Nathan Barry’s blog!

It looks like that was written before 2.0 shipped. How was your experience relaunching the book for Ember 2.0?

Hey Zac,

I’ve done two re-launches as the book is now at its 3rd version – and I’ll do a third one it for the Ember Octane upgrade.

The re-launches went well but the first one was the most successful, both in terms of revenue and interest. A big part of it comes from the fact that I give readers a hefty discount if they want to upgrade (it was 50%) and also the fact that the Ember community doesn’t grow very fast, so there isn’t a huge influx of new developers that are potential buyers.

I hope this changes with Ember Octane, as it’s really a breath of fresh air to Ember and the developer experience with Octane is quite stunning.