Hey I’m Joel Hooks, co-founder of egghead and lifelong learner 👋

I’ve got another introduction thread somewhere down below but I thought I’d reintroduce myself.

I’m a self taught developer focused mostly on JavaScript and ruby these days but I’ve worked in a lot of languages. I’ve been a professional web developer for about 12 years and prior to that I was a 3D forensic animator and graphic artist.

In 2013 I helped @john make egghead into a sustainable business.

Since then we’ve grown slowly, added so many amazing instructors to the label, and have the honor to collaborate with an amazing team of collaborators.

Here’s some back story of your interested:

I’m currently stoked on deep study and collecting knowledge. I’ve been focused on instructional design and user experience so I can help you achieve your goals and outcomes through high quality super deep learning materials!

I get a lot of joy from the egghead community and you mean a lot to me.

Thanks so much and if I can ever be of service email me at joel@egghead.io


Hey Joel! What was the scariest part about taking that leap from leaving your job to take on egghead full time with John?

mostly related to feeding the kids. I was contract so insurance wasn’t an issue at the time and the workshops were coming in so I was pretty confident, but it was a weird mental shift going from a fairly stable job to “it’s all up to you”

That company ended up imploding a year or two later actually. :flushed:

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So it was a good thing you got out when you did!

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I’ve visited your digital garden and I’ve found some fascinating thoughts. Love your writing. Thank you for your work.