Hey hey eggs

Hi, I’m Dominik. Mostly using React and Gatsby in my day-to-day life. Love egghead for it’s super short value-packed content and I’m planning to stick to it every year if the quality keeps being up there.


Hey Dominik!

React (and some Gatsby) for me too! :smiley:Currently building a rather complex dropdown menu from scratch… :sweat_smile:

Do you have a favorite egghead React course? I haven’t done any on React yet.


Hi Dominik! I’m currently working on my blog site which I want to build with Gatsby. I really like it so far.

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Yo Dominik welcome! I’m a huuge fan of Gatsby and React. Currently working on a new blog using Gatsby :smile:

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Hey Dominik! More Gatsby love here, I built mine using gatsby-plugin-theme-ui (docs) and gatsby-theme-blog-core (docs). I highly recommend them!


That’s awesome, haven’t seen many good drop-down implementations in react yet! Favourite instructor is @kentcdodds he really understands how to teach and how people learn new concepts, along with his huge knowledge in all things react.

Hey hey, that’s nice let me know about your blog I’d like to check it out when you finish!

Hey man, let me know about your blog when done - love checking other people’s creative projects

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Hey Ian, I’ll make sure to try these out!

Yes, I’ve started watching Kent’s introduction to React - learned a few things already, even though I’m rather “seasoned” in React already :smiley:

Yeah, the dropdown component is tricky, especially with the date picker. But, I’ll get there!

Do you work as a front-end developer as well?

I see. Yes I work as front-end at the moment tryna transition to fullstack

Meaning you’re learning a whole lot of nodejs?

I gave up on the idea of being fullstack. Right now I’m pretty good with react and trying to get better at design. Once I do that, there will probably be a new version of React to learn, or we’ll be switching to GraphQL or something… Nonstop :sweat_smile: