Hey All! Austin from Zambia/Michigan

Seems like a trend is going in in this category in the Egghead community—introductions!

Here’s mine:

My software journey starts in the heart of Africa. Because of my fascination with computers, my dad gave me an old Apple Powerbook G3 that he had recently upgraded from. This started me down the road of software engineering. The first languages I learned were Javascript and HTML/CSS. After moving on to compiled languages, I have returned to my roots and am now a full-stack dev that has the privilege of writing 99% of his stack in JS. I started learning React back in 2015 (pre-hooks, post-JSX). Those were difficult days, since there was not just one easy source to go and learn how to become a full-stack dev. I remember endless nights of searching for articles on best practices for React development. Made a lot of newbie mistakes, and am still making mistakes today. It is best way to learn, right?

Excited to learn more and get to know some people who have more experience in UI/UX best practices. My team @ HailTrace is also always looking for talented devs. Our current stack—Kafka, React, Node/Rust, React-Native—is evolving rapidly into a fully-fledged micro-service architecture.


Welcome @austin. It’s really cool to hear your story. The web certainly has come a long way. Do you do any work on React Native at your job? What are you excited about or learning currently?

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wow @austin glad that child curiosity paid off in the long run! Do you make any articles? SInce you said you had a hard time finding good ones, when you were learning?

Hey @austin! Welcome to the community!

Welcome @austin

I’ve considered it, but I am more a learner than a teacher at the moment.

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Yes, we built our app out in React Native. I’m looking for someone to take that off my plate, though. It has become a bit of a nightmare to be building both the web app and mobile app.