Hello, I'm Ruben from California

Hi everyone,

I’m ruben, and I’m a recent graduate just this month. The special was too good too pass up especially at this point of my life. Looking forward to leveling up as a front-end developer. I’m living and from Modesto, California and seeking employment. Open to relocation.

Hi @rubengarcia welcome to the community and congrats on graduation! What have you learned so far for the front end?

Thank you Will! So far, I’m reading the docs on graph ql for gatsby. I have a few projects from a online course. I learned about breakpoints, service workers, ARIA principle, testing. Interestingly, I learn all I know about web development online, not at the university.

I’m brushing up on my javascript fundamentals and plan on making changes to a site me and a fellow intern worked on at a internship. you can check it out here. ; For the website, we used gatsby, but scratch the surface of what we could have done better given the tools gatsby gives. This week, I plan on adding a mobile menu and view.

I don’t have a portfolio set up yet but plan to do so for January job hunting.

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Cool Ruben That homecare website looks really good! When your portfolio is ready post it in the community for some feedback, it’s a lot of professionals here that would give your some great tips!

Hi everyone, just a follow-up:

Here is my Portfolio ; I used the default portfolio setup by Gatsby Cloud. Kinda just wanted to get it out and work on through some of the courses and fix up the readMe files at my github, but wanted some feedback. This is my first ever portfolio and will be used to look for my first tech job. Anything appreciated :slight_smile:

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