Hello, I'm Ricardo from Brazil!

Hello people!

I am a full time developer based in São Paulo, Brazil. I’ve been programming for about 2 years now and I love working with Javascript and it’s amazing ecosystem. Have experience with React and Vue (they’re both amazing) but right now I’m focused in improving my backend skills, studying software architecture and design patterns for NodeJS.

Super excited to join the egghead community! Hoping to learn a lot, get to know amazing people and contribute however I can.

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Hello @ricardo_han welcome to the egghead community! What resources are you using to learn node?

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Thank you @Will! In the beginning, I focused on creating fullstack applications by following video tutorials on youtube and udemy. Right now, most of my learnings come from blogs around the internet. One that I can’t recommend enough is khalil stemmler blog. It focus a lot on DDD architecture and good practices.

Bem-vindo Ricardo!

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Obrigado @daniel.miclos!