Hello, I'm Phoebe freelancing as a Front-End Developer/WordPress developer

Hello all, I’m Phoebe and I’ve learning how to code since 2017.

I’ve been freelancing as a Front-End Developer/WordPress developer since mid 2018. I work/study part time and the rest of the time I’m stay-at-home mum to 2 children aged 3 and 4. They certainly keep me on my toes!

I also write for freeCodeCamp and dev.to. I write about coding and parenting, beginner how-to-guides. https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/author/phoebe/

What am I learning right now?
I’m aspiring to become a full-stack developer (MERN - MongoDB Express React and Node JS). So learning lots about MongoDB and Node JS.

What am I up to now?
I’ve decided to stop freelancing and apply for Front-End Dev jobs.

What is my current side project?
I’m working on an app inspired by my son. It’s a NodeJS, API project. I’m creating a children’s dictionary app using the Merriam-Webster API.

Where do I live?
I live in Gloucestershire, UK.

Would love to hear about other people’s experiences.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


That’s a huge step! How’s it going so far or are you just getting started.

:wave::wave::wave::wave: welcome!

Hey Phoebe,
Love the app idea, is its goal to teach children new words?
Are you using a framework for the front end of the app?
Looking forward to seeing it!

Hi Joel, thanks! It’s going better than I thought! Did three applications last week. I have my first interview on Friday and one next Wednesday. I’m bit nervous, but I’m doing my best to prepare for it and egghead.io has definitely helped!

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Hey Seb, thanks! Yes it’s just to help with teaching children new words and the definitions. My son is really into engineering and asked what the “suspension” on my car means! I ended up confusing him I think.

Thinking of using React on the Front End but haven’t decided yet.

Awesome, such a great idea.
Sounds like a curious fella, the app will be very useful for him!

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How did your interviews go, Phoebe?

Hey Taylor, the interviews went well thanks for asking.

I’ve progressed to the final stage on one job I’ve applied for. I’ve got a job offer for a JavaScript Frontend Developer role this week! :grin: I’m just deciding on whether I should accept the role.




That’s awesome!! Congrats Phoebe :tada: