Hello, I'm Emad. A Product Engineer based in San Francisco

Hi everyone, I’m Emad. I’m a Product Engineer based in San Francisco. I currently work at Credit Karma.

I’ve been in the industry for only 3 years. Focused on TypeScript, ReactJS, Product Design and crafting good user experience.

I’m looking to mentor and help other software engineers and designers out there. And to continue to learn from other people in our amazing industry.

In 2020 I plan to focus on the following:

  1. Establishing a solid process for Product Design that works for me.
  2. Get deeper into GraphQL client and server-side.
  3. Learn important topics about software design and architecture—could use some good books or any material suggestions.

I just redesigned my site a couple of days ago, find it on emad.design

Happy Holidays!


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Hey @emad90mohamad! Welcome to the community! I use Credit Karma quite often so cool you work there!

What are you using to dive deeper into GraphQL?

That’s a really nice Gatsby website. I’m planning on creating mine using it. I need to watch beginners tutorials to understand Gatsby a littler bit more.