Hello from Wyoming, USA

Hello, all. I’m Arlene, who found and fell in luv with testing, so I may take what is asked in a direction you might not anticipate.

What’s your current stack? I’m most comfortable with either Python or JS, but I’ve worked with a bunch of languages - all the way back to Commodore BASIC.

What are you learning right now? Right now, my focus is on learning where a bug is, but the other interests are the testing frameworks, specifically Cypress and working with aXe.

What are you working on? I have a gig to help track down an intermittent :bug:

What’s your current side project? Three of them, right now: working on a certification, a knitting project to finish this year, and trying my hand at sculpting some dinosaur skeletons for Halloween.

Where do you live? I’m in the US, and live in Wyoming: the south-east corner - near both Colorado and Nebraska.

Share a picture of your favorite pet! I don’t have one, but I enjoy a lot of animals - and prefer those that aren’t domesticated be enjoyed at a safe distance.


Oh hey! Great to see a friendly face!

It’s so good to see you! I’m glad to be here.

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Yay! Welcome.