Hello from Slovakia, EU

Hey there,

I am Samuel from Slovakia, I am a MS degree student of Computer Science who is looking for some fresh web dev knowledge. I have made / have been part of a few interesting projects already (not necessarily connected with the web, including projects in Java, Android, IoT…) through my 4 college student years but now, it feels like it is time for me to become a specialist - more focused and professional in a particular field. For the field I have chosen front-end web dev because it has been interesting for a longer period of time to me already and somehow I keep coming back to it every time so now I will try to stick with it for a bit longer :slight_smile: Moreover, I love attention to detail and perfected, performant UIs which I want to be creator of at some point in my life not too distant from now. I have some experience (majority is React and now studying JAMstack tech like Gatsby and relevant modern approaches - at least to me) but there are a lots of skills that I am missing in web dev in general which is also one of the reasons why I am here. To have inspiration from developers like you. And maybe also to contribute when I will feel like I have something to say.

Thank you for letting me in to be a part of this community!

Have a good day :cowboy_hat_face: