Hello from Rob, Sheffield, UK

Hi all! I work at UK-based technology agency, Razor Ltd, where I’m currently enjoying wearing a variety of hats (solution design, architecture, technical leadership, software dev) predominantly in the high-tech manufacturing / IIoT space.

Current stack is pretty much: Google Drive, Miro, VueJS, ASP.NET Core, Xamarin, SQL Server and lots of Azure (IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, CosmosDB, Storage, …lots of other bits and bobs too!)

For various side projects I’m leaning more towards VueJS, Python or Node and AWS - partly for a bit of variety, and partly to see what else is outside of the .NET bubble :slight_smile:

I’m here to supercharge my front-end dev skills (I’d love to be able to crank out websites at the epic speeds I see on the egghead lessons) and hopefully make some interesting connections along the way!



Welcome to the community Rob! Those are all good choices of your side projects! Have you started any lessons yet?