Hello from Portland, OR

Hi, y’all!

My name’s Dan and I’m a partner and technical director at a small agency with offices in Portland + Bend, Oregon. I’ve been a front-end engineer for about a decade and for the last five years or so I organized a 1700+ member front-end Meetup group here in Portland. I mostly write a lot of React and CSS and work on internal tools at work, but I also pitch in on the occasional PHP or .Net project as well. I’m heavily focused on performance and accessibility of late, especially in our React apps. Outside of work, I’ve been looking to learn native app development, with an eye toward Swift and Dart recently.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!


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Hey Dan! I’m a fellow Portland local. Once this quarantine is up, I’ll make sure to get out to one of the meetups.


Hey Dan! Welcome to the community! I’m also a fellow Portland local. :mountain_snow:

What have you learned from hosting a 1700+ member meetup group?

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Hey @elseloop, welcome! I’m a Portlander-turned-Washingtonian, happy to have another PNWer here!

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