Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland

Hey, I’m Katie. Front end developer (1 years experience) living and working in Edinburgh. I moved into software development after a decade spent in plant science/bioinformatics. I’m working with React but also interested in learning React Native and Machine Learning. I’m starting to make my own website and blog with Gatsby. Wish I had more time for my own projects! Here’s my cat, Dandelion:

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Hiya Katie, welcome! :smiley:

I’m in similar shoes (except I have two cats!). Otherwise also a career changer, working with react, approaching 18 months of experience. And I also have a Gatsby website :smiley:

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nice to meet you, Katie.

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That’s great, can I have a look at your website?

Sure! It’s this: https://includejs.dev/ (and the source code lives here: https://github.com/edieblu/includeJS.dev)

Most of the action happens in the Notes section :smiley:

Let me know what you think and if you need any help with yours! Happy to share what I know.

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Nice, I really like that. And also I really like the sound of includeJS, it’s a shame I would not be able to attend any meetups in Brussels! Followed on Twitter :smile:

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No way, you are a drummer too? I used to play drums too :laughing:

I’m doing includeJS online these days, so if you’re ever around, I’m here twice a week: https://www.twitch.tv/edieblu

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Awesome! Why’d you stop?

That’s cool, I will hopefully catch one of your streams :grin:

I stopped because I moved to China (that was way back when :smiley:)

Ah! Yep unfortunately drumming is not the most… compact or quiet hobby (but definitely the most fun) :smile:

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True true! What do you play?

And how’s that gatsby site coming along? :laughing:

Various types of rock, I got a double bass pedal this year so I sound a bit more metal than I used to :metal: I also play in a band and we are some kind of rock/alt/grunge, it’s early days so we are still finding our sound, well, before the lockdown we were anyway!

I would say the site is in pre-production :laughing: I am working through Egghead/Packt Gatsby courses when I get the time so watch this space :smile:

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Will be watching this space indeed :smiley:

Congrats on the double-bass pedal, I never graduated to that and remained in more jazzy waters…

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