Hello Everyone! I'm Caio, a geek productivity nerd from Brazil

Hello everyone! My name is Caio, and I love computers, podcasts, and coffee.

What’s your current stack

My main stack right now is React on the frontend and a Nodejs backend using GraphQL. I’m also a huge fan of React Native and started to give monorepos a try.

What are you learning right now?

Since I don’t have a formal education background, I’m focusing on computer science bases, like algorithms, architecture and etc.

I love to study that by reading some great CS books like Clean Code, Algorithms, and Refactoring. I’m also a huge fan of learning by doing, so I try to put everything I learn in practice on my GitHub.

What are you working on?

Some super-secret projects that will soon come to life :shushing_face:

What’s your current side project?

Well, I have a lot of side projects, right now I’m focusing on practicing the CS basis in different domains by creating a lot of micro tools and da-to-day helpers like a port scanning tool using Rust.

Where do you live?

São Paulo, Brazil.

Share a picture of your favourite pet!

Does that count?


Hi Caio!

Welcome from Brighton, UK :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you!

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Hey Caio! I love that you put the just deal with it glasses on eggo :smiley:

Whats your favorite way to brew coffee?

Thats awesome that you’re using rust. How did you learn the that language?


Hi @caiobep love your CSS sticker! Cool you’re working with full stack JS!

Have you blogged or pu ton GitHUb the the CS stuff you’ve been learning?


Hey @ian, thanks for taking the time!!

Hahaha, Love those stickers!

I’m a big fan of Hario V60 brews, but lately, since I’ve been traveling a lot, the Aeropress tuned to be my most loved method so far :smile:

Thank you for that! I’m still getting started with rust. I mostly try to think of something I want to do that would make me learn new things and try to implement in rust. I have to say that this YouTube channel helped me a lot!

Your FaunaDB notes look great! How do you take notes? Do you use Notion or some kind of app, or do you just write plain markdown on some code editor?

Also, I’ve heard that you’re a remote worker too :partying_face:! What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about being a remote worker?

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Hey @Will! thank you so much!
JS is just my first programming language so I just love it!

To be honest, I’m still trying to find the best way to publish this material. My main goal is to try to understand most of algorithms and data structures in order to filter the knowledge to create some videos on YouTube. Since algorithms and data structures are subjects that don’t change like most of the frameworks, I wanted to take the time to create a fun and easily consumable content.

Although some of my code practicing it lives in


:point_up: Shout out to Basarat Ali Syed

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Awesome. Those make wonderful brews! Im on a Chemex kick right now.

Thanks for sharing that resource, I’ll take a look. @PascalPrecht has a Rust course coming out in the near future :eyes:

My note taking depends on the context of the material. If I’m taking notes on an egghead course and want to go super in depth I follow @taylor’s example:


I’m a big fan of Roam Research for general note taking. You can read more about it here:

I think my favorite thing about remote working the the flexibility of my schedule. I don’t have to plan around a commute or be tied to a place. I live in Northern Virginia, USA, and the traffic is HORRIBLE. Everything is about 45 minutes away here. My least favorite part is the lack of social interaction. Theres no lunch breaks with co-workers or anything. Overall its very positive though.

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Hey Caio!

Welcome :smiley: How have you been implementing monorepos? Yarn workspaces have been super useful for me and how we maintain example code for courses!

I need to check out how yarn 2 implements workspaces but here’s how we’ve done it in the past using some bash scripts to help manage all the examples:


Hey Caio! I’m Lucas from Washington State, USA!
Love the stickers :slight_smile:
I’m in the same boat when it comes to not having gone to university for computers. What was it like for you to get started on your own?


Hey Caio! Nice stickers. Also keep us posted on those super-secret projects, feel free to share them here. :slight_smile:


Wow, this is wonderful! So many useful npm scripts I’ve never thought of. I’m a big fan of this clean:node-modules script! Definitely adopting those on our repo, thank you for sharing!

Right now we’ve been using Yarn Workspaces with Lerna to manage our Monorepo. Our scrips aren’t quite as nice as yours yet though.

    "workspaces": [
    "scripts": {
        "bootstrap": "lerna bootstrap --use-workspaces",
        "build": "lerna run build",
        "start": "lerna run start",
        "lint": "eslint . --cache --ext .ts,.tsx,.js,.jsx",
        "lint:fix": "eslint . --fix --cache --ext .ts,.tsx,.js,.jsx",
        "test:unit": "lerna run test:unit --stream",
        "test": "lerna run test --stream",
        "lint:styles": "stylelint './app/**/*.ts'",
        "lerna-publish": "lerna publish",
        "validate-pr": "npm run lint && npm run test"

We’ve also tried nx which seemed to be a great option too. However, the amount of boilerplate made us rethink our choice. The flexibility you get with Lerna and Yarn workspaces was definitely a plus for us, we’ve tried to reduce our build and test times by leaving the complexity to our CI/CD through Dockerfiles and specific settings on Azure pipelines, for example, our pipelines will only run tests and build what is actually needed for that specific change.


Thank you!!

It all came to be very natural, I started with small projects, like simple portfolio websites and grew up from there. I was very lucky to start learning how to code in a time that a lot of incredible things were happening in the community. Node.js was just released and electron was starting to be a thing, so I had all the motivation I needed to create amazing tools.
As silly as it sounds one thing that actually helped me a lot were Atom.io snippets :joy:. I just wanted to understand all of them.

I’m also a huge podcasts fan, and I believe I’ve gotten a lot of motivation and direction on what to study from there. I just tried to learn every different word I listened to.

How about you, how did you get started? Do you miss a formal education background?


Thank you so much @laurosilva! I’ll sure do!!


Oi Caio!!!
Love your Fsociety sticker!


Thank you @pachicodes! Can’t go wrong with Mr Robot right? Love that show!

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