Hello Egghead, I'm Josh from Canada

Hi Egghead members!

I am a developer from Winnipeg. I’ve been a developer for about 10 years working on both front and back-end development, React with some other legacy angularjs stuff (that I am trying to get rid of) and Java Spring on the server. I work on a very small team so we need to be able to handle both sides of the stack.


Hi Josh welcome! How is converting from angularjs going?

Hi Will, thanks.

It’s kind of a long process. Fairly large project, and tightly coupled to a couple frameworks (angular-ui-bootstrap for one). So taking it apart is becoming very tedious. It’s taught me a lot though, and has definitely improved both the usability and ease of maintenance of our code base. It’s those hindsight’s that really make you smack yourself on the forehead and say “why did I do that”. The application is extremely data heavy, and we used DataTables, which were great for their time, but adds another level of refactoring since I designed specific server code to handle the large DataTable requests.

Really enjoying working with React, things just seem to work the way I want them to and not forcing against some unseen wall (if that makes sense).

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Hey @josh.s.adam! Welcome to the community!