Have you spoken at a conference before? Share a link to your talk/slides!

Giving talks can be a rewarding experience for your career. You can form new relationships, see new places, and discover new opportunities.

If you’ve given a talk before at a conference or a meetup either online or offline. Leave a link to your talks and/or slides for the community to check out!

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I gave quite a lot of talks over the years and I’m really happy with those two:

Sleeping well at night with cypress.io by Tomasz Łakomy | React India 2019

Journey through VR and AR with React - Tomasz Łakomy | React Alicante 2018


Thanks for doing this @Will, great idea!

I put all of my talks up at http://www.samjulien.com/talks, but here is one I’m super proud of from GraphQL Asia called “Becoming a ‘Secret’ Agent: Securing Your GraphQL Backend with JWTs”:


Good idea! As a newbie speaker, I only have one recorded talk so far. It’s about building CLIs with React! :smiley:

Delightful Command-Line Interfaces with Node and Ink | TypeScript Berlin Meetup

Slides and code
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I just started getting into speaking late last year. My first talk was at NationJS in Washington, DC. Talked about Building Maps with Impact on React and the JAMstack:

Building Maps with Impact on React and the JAMstack | NationJS Dec 2019

Since then, I’ve given the talk virtually I think 3 other times.

And I’m super excited to give a talk at Byteconf React in early May called Put Down the Javascript: Level Up with the Fundamentals of Web Development :tada: