Greetings, I'm Matt!

Hi everyone - My name is Matt, my preferred pronouns are he/him, and I’m from Chicago. I’ve been in technology for a while now; my first job out of college some years back, working at one off the big three credit bureaus as a mainframe Cobol programmer - my first tech stack was Cobol II/MVS/DB2 SQL!

Since then, I’ve had an interesting journey that took me from the mainframe world, to Linux as a SAS programmer, to web development (after a coding bootcamp in 2018), and finally landed in the world of DevOps as a Azure Devops engineer.

Outside of Powershell and ARM Templates, I’m not coding as much on the job nowadays , but I’d like to keep up with web development and would love to become proficient in React and other JS frameworks for side projects (and perhaps another career shift, for later?).

Currently, I’m studying for my first Azure certification, and have started to look at the React courses here to take a break from Azure. My first project I’d like to achieve is to create a portfolio site using React , and have my projects on there. Thank you for reading!