Greetings, I'm Jonathan

Nice to be a part of the community :wave:t2:,

I am a junior software developer, self-taught,
currently trying to bulk my portfolio up and gain employment.

current tech-stack:

  • Mobile

    • iOS with Swift 5
    • Android with Java
  • Web

    • React.js
    • Node.JS
    • Spring Boot

I hope that i could be of any service to the community and wish you all a great day!


Jonathan Farber


Nice to meet you, Jonathan! :wave:

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Likewise Emily, :wave:t2:

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Welcome, @jonathankfarber! Are you looking to learn something new? or deepen your knowledge with that stack?

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Hiya @jonathankfarber

another junior dev here, also self-taught! :tada:

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome brother.

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both actually, however, for now I am trying to mostly learn architecture, design patterns which are quite universal.

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