Greetings from Perú! I'm Andru

Hello everyone! Greetings from Lima/ :peru: I’m Andru :slight_smile:

I worked as a frontend developer (pure JS especially and some jQuery) for 5 years, then iOS developer for 2 years, finally as Angular developer since the last year, and I love this platform because is really awesome to learn new things and try to apply in the real live :slight_smile:

I have a dream to create a video game from scratch as a hoodie and submit to the js13kgames tournament (I hope to send it this year)

Now I’ve just learning to implement storybook.js on angular, if you have any thoughts/suggestion just let me know :raised_hand:


Hey, @andru255 welcome to the community! Looking forward to seeing your video game to come to life!

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@Will thanks! Yep, I’ll do it :muscle: