Greetings from Malt Whisky Country

Hello everyone. I’m Richard. I’m a full-stack LAMP, React/NodeJS, a FileMaker developer, and I’ve been known to write the (decidedly) odd bash script. I’m in the middle of making the move to React / NodeJS ecosystem, and I’m glad I waited until hooks :wink: I’ve been a commercial developer for over 30 years. I feel old :wink:

I work remotely 3 weeks out of 4, from a small shed that I built myself in the North East of Scotland. I spend the other week in Switzerland, speaking Schweizerdeutsch!


I love your work shed! I have a dedicated office in my house in the state forest where we live, but a whole shed with a skylight is super cool.

Hi @dycey that shed is really cool! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do get some work done in my own space!

What made you decide to move to node?

Living in a forest sounds very cool. I’ll add it to my retirement plan bucket list :wink:

Hi @Will :slight_smile: I didn’t plan to build an office - I built my two boys a castle - with crenellations, and a ladder, and stained glass windows. They hated it - to cold and dark apparently (although fairly sure it was arachnophobia :slight_smile: ) So I turned it into an office. Of course, once it had lighting and heat and a network connection… I had to build them one too :man_shrugging:

As for Node… well I’ve build bespoke systems with PHP ( 5 & 6 ), but I had a project (which I thought was small) that I thought I might do with something else. I looked at the python frameworks, but frankly, looking at the jobs market, Node seemed like a better bet.

I could still be wrong. (And the job turned out NOT to be that small, after all).

I’m getting there. I like my learning curves on the mountainous side.