Feedback on my first screencast

I would love to get feedback on my first screencast. It’s short, but I want make sure I get the egghead style down.

Title: Create a new Svelte project

:white_check_mark: Record one thought at a time
:white_check_mark: Record at 1280x720 in HiDPI mode
:white_check_mark: 2:1 ratio of code:example.
:white_check_mark: No distractions
:white_check_mark: Exporting 2560x1440 MPEG-4 at 30FPS.

If I’m missing something, please let me know. All feedback is welcome! :hugs:


I like it, simple, straight forward. Audio quality was good

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I think this is really great.

The only thing that I noticed was at the very beginning you say “We get the latest copy”. I assume you mean of sveltejs/template but, as a viewer, I’m not quite sure what “copy” is here.


I really like how you narrate your commands as you type them! That helps keeps the learner engaged. :clap:

The one thing I’d suggest is to add a ‘feedback loop’ at the end of the lesson so we know for sure that the server is running correctly. So in this case maybe edit an H1 to say hi or something similar. Seeing the change happen on screen will reinforce that everything works and we get a small preview of what the code base will look like as you make the simple edit.

Whenever you can show something working in multiple ways, it’s typically a good thing to do as it drives home the point.

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