Egghead Twitter Chat with Joe Previte Recap 11/15/19

This is a recap of our first ever egghead Instructor Twitter Chat with @jsjoeio

How do you decide what you want to teach on egghead? #askjsjoe

That’s a great question!
Usually, I base it off of a mix between:

  1. things I’m excited about
  2. things I don’t see on egghead

For instance, last year, I did a course on @figmadesign based off reason 2. This year I did a course on custom shareable React hooks because of 1

How do you explain the benefits of using hooks to folks who have been writing React with classes and are okay with that? Or maybe they should continue doing what they’re comfortable with?

Tomasz - that’s a wonderful question!

It’s interesting…I actually haven’t had to “convince” anyone to switch to hooks from classes. From my experience, with my current team and previous team, we’ve all unanimously agreed to switch to hooks.

However, I think if I had to convince a team member, I’d put together a short demo showing the benefits such as:

  • less code
  • friendly API (IMO)
  • composibility
  • customizability

Then I’d tell them to try it for themselves and revisit to have a discussion :slight_smile:

What prompted the name?! And when did it start. JSJoe is super fun :slight_smile: #askjsjoe

Haha well it’s funny you ask. I was trying to get my first programming job. The job description said they wanted a “JavaScript Ninja” so in my cover letter, I said something along the lines “They don’t call me JavaScript Joe for nothing” I did not get the job sadly.

A few months later, I don’t know how it came up again, but I changed my name to JavaScript Joe in a Slack group. Someone said they liked it -> then I changed it on Twitter. Then I went around GitHub, Twitter and found that jsjoe was taken so I went with jsjoeio :slight_smile:

BUT! Cool part - the guy who posted the job kept in touch with me and a few months ago, we grabbed lunch (almost 2 years later).

He said his company was growing and they were looking for a JavaScript developer (Vue). I had just taken a new job, but cool to see he remembered me

Joe, you do a ton and I’m super impressed. What are your biggest productivity hacks? #askjsjoe

I would say the same thing about you, Ali!

One of the biggest ones I would say is accomplish two things with one. For instance, I had the idea for custom shareable React hooks a while back. Project at work -> lead to a blog post I wrote for

@twilio -> workshop -> course

The other hacks would be some of these:

  • automate bills
  • automate saving money
  • limit distractions (with apps)
  • set up processes or a system to remove friction in projects
  • get sleep
  • meditate
  • practice gratitude
  • find joy in sharing what you learn with others

i see the name change to typescript joe… what prompted that? also (and more importantly) who do I see about getting officially recognized as having javascript in my name? u seem to have moved on to ts… my middle name is joseph… a name transfer seems do-able… just saying

Maybe a month ago, I said I was going to #100DaysOfTypeScript to go deep on the language. And my friend @swyx said “you gotta change the name” (at least for this period of time) and so I did!
Hahaha I think you just have to do it! I will be back, but we could both be JS Joe

Heck, it could be us two, maybe we could even get the real @jsjoe to show his face, and we could add in JS Joey @jsjoey

Maybe there’s a @jsjoseph too?

How do you overcome getting started on a new side project with all the choice overload these days? How do you choose what to use, where to start etc? #AskJSJoe

This is great question, and something I also struggle with.

Here’s what I try to do:

  • look at the people whom I look up to, what technologies are they using? That’s usually a solid bet.

  • start small, build momentum, #LearnInPublic

Start, and you can always switch later

Even at my company, we’ve had to do this. We choose one hosting strategy. It was newer technology. There were bugs. We ended up switching to something else (Heroku) and things worked out.

What are you excited to learn right now #AskJSJoe

Right now, I’ve been excited to learn about building CLI apps! It’s very new territory for me, so there’s so much to learn but inspired by @kentcdodds, I’ve started eb-scripts here at @echobind…

Beyond that, excited to do more TypeScript + React Native

I know you code a lot. How is it possible that you manage your happy home life with the seemingly non stop coding? #AskJSJoe

The “seemingly non-stop coding” is probably more of a perception thing than an actual thing (well it could be both). I love to learn (reading, courses, building, etc) so I do spend a decent chunk of free time coding. My wife and I give each other a lot of “personal” time too!

By that I mean, we’ll hang out and be home together with our dogs, but she’s doing something she enjoys and I’m doing something I enjoy (like coding) so that helps give me more time than others I think!

#AskJSJoe Hi Joe, What are your plans for

Right now, nothing. It was an experiment. I had some good feedback, some okay feedback. But taking a break - not sure when/if I’ll pick it up again

What advice do you have for those looking to build out content and scale up their productivity?
And for me what are good ways to get started writing Typescript IE resources and do you think it’s all hype, or do you see more and more large codebases adopting?

This is funny! I was actually asking a lot of egghead folks about this the other day (I’ll DM you a link in Slack).

For me, it’s about setting up a system. I just set up a new template in Notion for building out content:

For TypeScript, I would start here:…

Re: all the hype

I see it as an acquired taste, similar to coffee. At first, you’re like “This sucks, who would drink this? It takes so much time to set up. Let me stick with water”

But later, you do it and see