Egghead Community at Byteconf React!

Today (50/01) and Tomorrow (05/02) Byteconf React 2020 is streaming on YouTube. A lot of egghead community members will be speaking. Here’s the list of their talk times and titles


@kentcdodds - “Simply React” 9:15 AM PST

@colbyfayock- “Put Down the Javascript: Level Up with the Fundamentals of Web Development” 12:00 PM PST


@shawnthe1 - “Concurrent React from Scratch” 9:15 AM PST

@samjulien - “Power Up Gatsby with Auth!” 11:00 AM PST

Let me know in the comments if you’re going!


I watched it and it was jam packed with really great talks! I really appreciate having such a high quality set of talks made available over two days online for free!

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