Do you have ideas or suggestions for this community site?

We are using Discourse and it’s customizable. Over time we want to evolve the capabilities and topics to best serve the needs of folks learning and teaching on egghead.

Since you’ve probably spent a wee bit of time using the internet, we would love to hear your suggestions for topic categories, feature integration, or any other improvements you’d like to see.

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I 100% recognize this site in new and evolving, however I think it would be awesome for you to get a new user or someone with basic understanding of discourse to create a fresh account here and try and run through the site.

Get them to note anything that needs clarification and anything that they can’t do.

As a final step build out a big ‘help’ doc with solutions to the problems experienced by your test user for others who are just coming in.

Getting off topic now but two ‘problems’ ive already found is I can’t post in most topics here nor can I find any of these tutorials for the site that the badges are telling me about. If you had a test user building your help docs I think the ‘new topic posting’ problem would have been solved. It could just be me not verifying something in my email but right now I don’t know

Hope it helps!

You can’t post in most of the forums because you’re not a paying member of egghead (Or at least not logged in with an account that is a member).

That’ll be more clear over time with friendly calls to action so you can upgrade and participate.

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Night Mode? :crescent_moon: (not sure if it’s too much work!)

Although not looking great, this theme seems to be able to do it:

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Ya, we are going to build our own theme for sure. It will have a well thought out night mode if it’s possible.

Discourse is robust in that regard, but… complex :slight_smile:

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+1 for night mode.

Seems like there was a “easy” solution proposed in 2017, but not sure if it still works properly.

There is an experimental component to handle macOS dark mode + iOS 13, which seems very useful.

User selectable themes is pretty straight forward. Mostly a matter of exploring themes and customization! Should be fun.

Thanks for the links. That experimental component is pretty cool.

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Recordings of the past live events. Please. :pleading_face:

maybe we can have them as a separate category similar to “egghead Live Events” or merged into the same. I believe the community wouldn’t mind if we create a few topics under this category for past live events too.

Most of the live events we are running won’t be available as stand-alone recordings, but will eventually be available as bonus tracks to self-paced workshops (courses) as they are released.

There are quite a few exceptions though so I will be sure to post those here!

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