Do you have a personal developer blog?

As a developer blogs are important for learning new things and getting help when stuck. They’re also helpful for career building as well!

Community member and egghead instructor @jsjoeio is tweeting his progress building a new blog for himself.

If you have blog share:

  • What you used to get it started
  • Why you started that way
  • Do you plan on making any changes?
  • How has it helped your career?

Here a link to @jsjoeio tweet thread


I host my blog on my personal site at It’s gone through a few iterations (always using a static site generator), and has been built on Gatsby for the last few years.

What you used to get it started

It uses Gatsby v2. Whenever I’ve used traditional CMSs in the past, I eventually found myself fighting against them. I’ve had to invest more initial time setting up my Gatsby site how I want it, but I have much more control over the authoring experience now.

Do you plan on making any changes?

Always! The next feature I plan on adding is a simple search.

How has it helped your career?

I’ve only gotten back into a regular cadence of publishing this past September, so the seeds are still growing. But I’ve gotten a few emails from potential employers/clients, so that’s rad.

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Thanks for sharing my post, Will!

Hoping to get something out there by December :smile:

Good to hear you’re adding new features and look forward to see what opportunities comes from being more regular. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


It took me several tries to get a blog going. Once I decided that I “have to” write every day, I got some momentum going.
Before that, it took me months to come up with a blog post.

Now, my blog also serves as a log on what happens in my life (coding-wise) and what interests me.

I use Gatsby with a starter template on Netlify. My goal was to spend as little time as possible on the blog infrastructure and more on coding and writing.

Do I plan changes?
I’m unhappy about how Gatsby builds pages at the moment. Gatsby rebuilds a lot of assets. Netlify can’t cache them.
My build times get slower and I’m hitting 200 build minutes per month with ca. 300 blog posts/pages (Netlify has a free plan up to 300 minutes).
I’m thinking about re-building the blog with Eleventy.

How has it helped my career?
I’m not a professional developer (yet?). I work in a different field. Coding is my passion, but it has nothing to do with my day job/career.
But I’ve got positive feedback from people in the tech community.


I haven’t heard of Eleventy. What is that?

We’ve ran into timeouts with Netlify builds that are frustrating on larger blogs.

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That’s good to hear that you’ve started a blog already, keep posting you never know what could come of it!

@joel Eleventy is a static site generator. It’s a simpler alternative to Gatsby.js. It’s basically an alternative to Jekyll.

Eleventy was created to be a JavaScript alternative to Jekyll. It’s zero-config by default but has flexible configuration options
Eleventy is not a JavaScript framework —that means zero boilerplate client-side JavaScript.

@w.alexander.johnson Thank you for the encouragement.


@sbr Eleventy looks really great, thanks for sharing. Love the simplicity.