Developers, share your favorite static site generator

There are a lot of static site generators, Gatsby, Eleventy, and Jekyll to name a few. Reply with your favorite to use and why.

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I’ve used what I’ve been trying to improve on.

I used Jigsaw for a while when I was working mostly with PHP/Laravel. Since a larger chunk of my day-to-day is in React and Node at the moment, I shifted to Gatsby to flex those skills.

I like the large plugin ecosystem with Gatsby and the great content that is around for learning and improving. I just finished Chris’ course on Composable Gatsby themes which was great.

I guess I’m not beholden to the platform but Gatsby is ticking the boxes ATM.


Lately I’ve been digging what next.js has been shipping and its blending static and server side rendering.

I’ve got a ton of love for gatsby and have used Jekyll extensively.

If I was more of an explorer I’d look at Hugo and go.

For me right now the main requirement is MDX though because adding the expressive power of react components to my markdown is so nice.


I have a tiny bit of experience in Jekyll but mostly Gatsby.

I really enjoy the GraphQL data layer that Gatsby gives you. It creates a consistent api for your app to source data from a bunch of different places (json files, api calls, yaml, etc…).

@joel turned me on to MDX which is another reason I love Gatsby! I believe frameworks (like Next) support MDX as well.