Demo: Iterate over an array using map()

Here is my first demo using ScreenCast! The audio is horrible but other than that, I’d love some feedback. It’s about how to iterate over an array using the .map operator.

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Hey Lucas,
The link to the video didn’t work for me.

Huh. Ok. I’ll see if I can figure that out.

I think it’s because this is the review link rather than the actual video link.

ALRIGHT! Should be the correct link now lol. It actually disappeared on vimeo, not sure why. Re-uploaded it and it should be there.

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Hey Lucas! Really great start to a lesson.

  • Screen set up:
  • START - it’s ok to have data set up that is necessary for the lesson. There will always be a starting point for a lesson and typically that’s not going to be from scratch, as long as you go over that at the beginning, you’re good to go.
  • 00:06-00:13 - instead of typing in silence and then telling us what it is, instruct/narrate to us what you’re doing as you’re doing it. This will keep the learner more engaged with what you’re doing
  • 00:25 - You start doing this here which is great!
  • 01:04 - you highlight the input and output of the what happens which is great but you can take this a step further by showing us the steps inbetween now that the full feedback loop is present.

Here’s some video feedback going over what I mention above!