Darryl from the UK

Hello :wave:

I’m Darryl from Walse, UK.

I’m a self-taught developer for the past 5 years, before that, I was a lighting tech for indie films.

Currently, I’m a front-end dev, working with React and a legacy Laravel project.

I’m Working on bettering my JS skills and getting ready to do my AWS Certifications.

Looking forward to meeting people and getting involed with the community :smiley:


Eva here (you once very kindly coached at a Django Girls MK workshop I organised).

Welcome to egghead! :dancer:


Long time no see. :smiley: How are things? Hope this year hasn’t been too unkind for ya.

All good on my end :smiley:

Happily employed, working for a really nice company, but still have enough energy motivation to keep studying.

How about you?

That’s good to hear :smiley:

and it’s pretty much the same for me, thankfully got to work thought out lockdown.

What are you studying at the moment?

Lots of computer science stuff - the Missing Semester series, for example, aiming to do CS50 next :+1:

Reading Code Complete which is great!

On Egghead currently doing the Web Security Essentials :+1:

How about you?

How come AWS? For work or your own interest?

Sounds good, I’ve not heard of the Missing Semester Series shall have to give that one a look into.

CS50 is good or at least the little bit I did of it :sweat_smile:

For me a bit of computer science as well currently making my way through Structure and Interpretation of Computer Progarms by Harold Abelson and Gerald Joy Sussman.

and AWS is a bit of both work use it, and think it will be helpful to know it more in depth.

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