CSS Grid kind of feels like rxjs for DOM layout

Anyone else feel like CSS Grid has a “rxjs for layout” vibe?

I used it for the first time today, after wrestling with rxjs for half the week, and it felt similar in that you can just dump a bunch of child elements into a parent container, and then drastically alter their layout with a few CSS props on the container. I think it will even let me avoid writing a component with a bunch of dynamic child component slots, because CSS Grid simplifies the markup enough that using the same layout in multiple places only involves duplicating a handful of style rules.

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Do you have any favorite resources? I haven’t explored CSS Grid yet and this is the most compelling pitch I’ve seen :slight_smile:

http://learncssgrid.com/ was the perfect resource for me. I was able to quickly scroll around until I saw what I wanted, and then just adapted the sample code and voila. :wink:

When I’m trying to get the hang of something new, the last thing I want is an in depth, wall of text tutorial for it. I want something that will show me the basics and let me apply it to my code asap.


Shout-out to Dave’s https://www.gridcritters.com/