Create Next.js App

This looks pretty darn cool. Next is pretty awesome but this level of ease kicks it up for sure. Have you used Next.js? How was it?

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Next.js is awesome!

You likely know this Joel, but my first (and currently my only) full-length egghead course is on Next.js. It’s great though for a number of reasons…

  1. no-config-needed for webpack dev environment.
    • automatic code-splitting & HMR out of the box
    • for those who wish to extend the webpack config, it’s super easy to do so using the next.config.js file.
  2. Out of box route pre-fetching
    • another awesome benefit that users of next.js can enjoy without config.
    • next.js will prefectch any JS being loaded in other routes inside of an application with the simple addition of the prefetch prop on their Link import
  3. SSR
    • SEO benefits (duhhh)
    • Can increase perceived performance of applications.

Personally, I think that next.js is a great choice for highly functional applications that are meant to appeal to a large audience, hence why companies like Nike have utilized it.

Also, I haven’t used “zones” personally, but they seem pretty incredible. Link to docs is below but gist of it is, you can have a number of next.js applications running as one in different zones.